Tuesday, January 19, 2010

BEEing A Mom: BEEing A Kid Again!

Sometimes I wish I could be a kid again! To play all day, not worrying about how I'm going to tackle my mile-long to-do list or fretting about my job or finances. How glorious it would be to wake up each morning ready to embark on a series of new adventures--hunting for dinosaurs in the backyard, building a sand castle, or sailing on a pirate ship in search of buried treasure.

Each day I encounter many opportunities to be a kid again. But how? Through my three-year-old son, Hayden. You see, every day he invites me to join him in his playtime adventures. And many times I gladly accept his invitations.

Last week, we journeyed over the high seas as pirates on a quest for a treasure--Hayden as Captain Hook and I as his shipmate Timber Timber (Aye, shiver me timbers!). The snow covered ground became our ocean, pine cones our treasure, and the compartment on Hayden's tricycle our treasure chest. During the hour we played pirates, I began to feel like a kid again--the worries of adult life diminished as I immersed myself in Hayden's playworld.

But I must admit, some days I feel trapped in my adult mindset and miss out on being a kid again. These days often feel like a mad dash as I race through my day trying to cross off as many items on my to-do list as possible. Being so focused on getting things done, I forget to stop and indulge in the joys my son offers in being a kid again. Later, when the quietness of night settles on my household, I realize the opportunities I missed out on and vow to try harder to slow down and enjoy the perks of childhood.

Now, I know we can't abandon all of our adult duties to be kids again 24/7, although some days it's tempting. But just maybe we can learn to slow down and take time each day to join our little ones in the pleasures of being a kid. Mencius wrote, "The great man is he who does not lose his child's-heart." Or for all the BEEsy mamas out there: The great woman is she who does not lose her child's-heart.

BEEsy Mama Question: How do you become a kid again with your children?


  1. Great post! We play video games together! I also really like building with legos with both of my kids. I will play all sorts of things, but Adam knows the one thing I rarely do is sword fight, I just don't enjoy it!

  2. It was a wonderful post. Really enjoyed reading it though I am not a mom yet.