Wednesday, November 9, 2011

BEEginings: Blogging at

About two years ago, I began blogging here at BEEsy Mama. It's been such a joy to share my day-to-day musings of the life of a BEEsy Mama trying to slow down to savor the sweet things in life. I realize this last year I haven't blogged here as often as I hoped. My family has faced heartbreaking circumstances this year, and during that time, I sensed I needed to take a short break from blogging.

Now I'm entering a new season of life and looking forward to posting more articles here at BEEsy Mama. Additionally, I'm happy to announce that I will also be periodically contributing blog entries at This website offers a wealth of information and advice for moms of children of all ages. Please check out this website, particularly the ChannelMom Show and my dear friend and talented writer Lydia Shoaf's "Lydisms" blog entries.

My first blog entry was posted yesterday at Here's a link to the article: More Than A Spectator. Please stop by the website and check out my article. I'd love to hear what you think.

Juliet Kennedy
A BEEsy Mama

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