Friday, September 17, 2010

BEEing A Mom: Oh, What a Mess!

Some rocks, sticks, mud, and water: all the ingredients needed for a boy to embark on a playtime adventure.

As I peeked out my kitchen window earlier this afternoon, I knew this beautiful September day could not be wasted indoors. So I rounded up my crew--my little guy, Hayden, and our golden retriever, Bogie--and off we headed for some playtime at our neighborhood lake.

When we arrived at the lake's southern beach, I realized this trek probably would not end without paws and shoes laden in mud and fur and clothes drenched. I cringed at the gloppy mud bordering the lake's shoreline. I must confess I didn't want to release Bogie from his leash or allow Hayden to veer near the mud and water. Oh, to think of the mess they would make.

But as we strolled along the beach, Hayden inched closer and closer to the shoreline. Just on the edge of the muddy patch, Hayden bent over and gathered rocks, throwing them into the water. A few more steps and he plopped his Buzz Lightyear shoes into the muck. Bogie ran back and forth, begging me with whimpers to allow him to plunge into the lake. I sighed as I knelt to release Bogie from his leash. He dashed for the water, splashing Hayden along the way.

Hayden found a stick and pretended it was a fishing pole. I watched as clumps of mud clung to his shoes. Bogie ran to me and shook his damp fur, splattering drops of mud on my legs and clothes. At this point, keeping clean was a lost cause. So I shrugged when Hayden sat in the mud to empty his water-filled shoes, gathered handfuls of mud in the water, and skated in the mud.

Oh, what a mess it was! But oh, I'd do it again just to hear Hayden giggle and say "wee" every few steps and to watch Bogie act like the frisky puppy he once was many years ago.


  1. What a beautiful place you live, and what fun to have such a gorgeous lake to play at! As the momma of a beesy little girl, I keep reminding myself that in 20 years, when she's grown and gone, the memories we made will be what I remember rather than the messes!! (though i do still grouse a bit about the messes at times...:)
    Love this post, and wanted you to know I just finished "Sixteen Brides", loved laughing through it as well! Thanks for the recommendation.

  2. Aww, thanks for the sweet comment. The quality and quantity of time spent with our little ones is so important, isn't it (messes and all)?! I'm so glad you enjoyed Sixteen Brides. Aren't the characters great? I'm looking forward to following you on your blog! Take care. :0)