Saturday, December 12, 2009

BEEtween the Pages: Though Waters Roar by Lynn Austin

"It was ironic. I lay in my jail cell on a squeaky iron bunk, gazing at the stained mattress above me, and I remembered the day I first understood the meaning of the word ironic. I couldn't help smiling at . . . well, at the irony of it. The meaning had become clear to me ten years ago on the day my grandmother, Beatrice Monroe Garner, was arrested."
~Opening lines in Lynn Austin's
Though Waters Roar~

Lynn Austin's newest novel, Though Waters Roar, tells the stories of four generations of women and their quests to find meaning and purpose in their lives. Set in Pennsylvania and spanning from 1848 to 1920, this novel captures these four women's struggles and triumphs during several significant events in history, including the Underground Railroad movement, the Civil War, the Woman's Suffrage campaign, War World I, and Prohibition.

Within the first few pages of this book, I knew I was reading a novel crafted by a talented, veteran writer. The story's beautiful prose, profound and diverse characters, and rich historical landscape immediately captured my attention and kept my curiosity throughout. With Austin's careful pacing and the twists and turns she sprinkles throughout this novel, I found myself drawn more and more into the story as it developed. What I especially liked about this book was the reflective, spiritual messages Austin weaves in the characters' actions and dialogue, encouraging me to further grow in my walk with Christ.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys historical fiction.

For more information about this book, please visit Bethany House's Web site.

Note: I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher for the purpose of reviewing it.


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  2. Awww...Ralene, you are so sweet! Thank you for your kind words! I feel so blessed to have met you at the ACFW conference, and I look forward to meeting again at other writing events. Of course, I can't wait to buy your first novel when it's published! :-)